Woofer and Volunteer program MySTèR


Woofers are welcome for a 5 x 5/7 hour worktime program, we are listed in the WWoofer program for the Netherlands and a member of  a member of WWOOF Independents, http:/www.wwoof.org/newsite08/wlist2.asp?cy=NETHERLANDS as HOL043. The work is in the garden or some work in the house and small projects building things like thermal heating etc. We also have an extensive video project see http://www.mindlift.tvfor people interested to learn about video/documentary work.


Woof stands for: Willing Workers On Organic Farms or World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farming


Volunteer program There is an opportunity for volunteer work at Myster. We normally don’t want local (German/Dutch) full time volunteers, Woofers are for people from abroad, but offer a reduced rate volunteer holiday program. Cost for food and lodging in that setup is 10 euro per day, with about 3 hours of work per day for MySTèR. In this way, there is also space for going out, walking, using the sauna, swimmingpool (if solar heated enough), video facilities, libraries etc. of MySTèR. Call 0654987876