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Our agenda here



We have a B&B and are also looking for long term renters-Housemates  (700 euro pm all in – sharing food etc.)


B&B we also rent out rooms click here




Located just 6 km from Venlo, with easy connections (also via train) to airports and highways.



Meetings, gatherings, workshops, watsun-waterdance, parties or just having friends come over, MySTèR is a great villa with many facilities, for events (see agenda) and for B&B.

MySTèR offers it all, and that amidst the Nettetal-Schwalmtal nature park, ideal for walking, eco-adventuring, biking with nice lakes and woods at walking distance.


Christian Rötzel Allee 18 Nettetal-Breyell 41334 NRW Germany (BRD)

German Tel. landline, 0049-2153-1396047 or Dutch Mob 0031(0)654987876 skype Lucsala



A video of the place is on


More pictures are on





Train schedule

Trains in: Venlo-Nettetal-Breyell 04 min every hour till 22.04 sometimes very short/close connection, so hurry, DB vending machine in railway hall, type in Nettetal for ticket

Trains out: every hour on .46 min takes 10 minutes to Venlo (only complex vending machine! Cash 4.30 euro )

Last train to Venlo 22u46

Venlo Eindhoven Den Haag  19 en 49 till 22.19

Venlo Roermond: 04 en 034 till 24.03

Venlo Nijmegen 00 and 30 till 23.30

Train to Dusseldorf with connection to Dusseldorf Airport (or by car 30 minutes)

Other airports in the area Weeze, MonchenGladbach, Beek/Aachen/Maastricht Airport

Weeze, book transport to Venlo in advance!



Organisation and purpose


Although this is a private thing in many respects, MySTèR has been set up as a property company (BV or limited) in order to allow for a clear financial base and the possibility to allow new partners to join. We hope to evolve into a real community with a proper base, both spiritual, social and economical. The place is big enough for more people to live or work there, use it as a retreat for some time, entertain guests, write books or produce audio or video material. We are fully equipped, from the Kleurnet TV station days, for professional video productions, with a great garden for interesting backdrop shots. MySTèR could also be a base for people from other continents or outside the EU to visit or tour Europe, using it as a home away from home, to store stuff and have a contact or mail address. Airports Weeze, Dusseldorf, Aachen are within a 40 minute reach and connect to all major European cities. Train connections (railway station Nettetal-Breyell is 200 mtrs away) are also very good (Amsterdam 2 hours, Cologn, Luik/Liege, Maastricht.)



Events coming up, some are still very sketchy, based on the inspiration of and contacts, more details at the Agenda site.

Our summer resident guest was in 2010 Carola, from Chile, a shaman in the Mapuche tradition, see and she will come in 2011 too!


For 2012

Floriade Venlo is coming up and our place is close to Venlo and offers a lot of opportunities for participants and visitors.




Is it a mystery, a my “ster” place (Am-ster-dam was the root place), ster=star, a “Meister” (master), in fact the name is an inheritance from Luc’s TV-station and places in Amsterdam, but we hope it makes you curious about what we can make out of this beautiful place, where we like to entertain friends and collegues, have exhibitions of our art, do holiday home rentals and maybe have a little b&b in the future, organize workshops or gatherings of friends, family events etc.. But we are open to what will evolve, it’s also just a great place to come and see.

MySTèR is a big villa, built at great expense and with great care in 1952 and very much left like in its original state. We purchased it in July 2009 from the wife of the original builder and steel-industrialist, Christian Rötzel, who lived there for 56 years. It comes with swimming pool inside, lots of space and a very big (4000 m2 = 40000 sqft) park-like garden. Access via station Nettetal-Breyell (Venlo-MG) or exit 3 (Bruggen Kaldenkirchen Sud) on HW A61 (Venlo-Koblenz).


On June 3, 2009, at 18.18 hrs we have signed the purchasing papers for this stately villa in Breyell, some 7 km from Venlo, but across the German border. On August 1, 2009 at 7 o’clock, we started the opening and naming ceremony around the fire-circle with some 80 friends and partners around in the circle and finished this at around 19:30 (summer time).

We started with a housewarming weekend that begun July 31, 2009 with an afternoon reception and barbecue for the neighbourhood with some 80 guests and then the next day, a larger party for our friends on August 1 from 15.00 hrs on with our good friend Fantuzzi and the band Keko Yoma from Chili as our musical entertainers. Some 100 people attended, more than 50 people stayed overnight, partly camping in the garden, some 35 found a place indoors. It turned out the house can accommodate rather large parties, some hundred people in the garden in good weather would be no problem. It was a great event, with music on stage, in the garden and even in the cellar bar, drumming going on there till very early in the morning, and not disturbing the neighbourhood! The people there came from many countries, many places and with very different worldviews and paths, but there was a great brother/sisterhood feeling, great food and good care for everybody, A party to be remembered!! See for more pictures and for a video impression by Martin


For some time, since the Amsterdam MySTèR closed in January 2008, we have been looking for a good place to start anew, away from the city and with the opportunity to entertain guests, have small workshops or conferences and live the non-city life. After some disappointments we found this place that suits our purposes very well. The place has a certain style and grandeur, has many possibilities and an interesting history. For the moment, we are a small group of people with a dream of having a house where we can live, open to whatever comes up, but also bringing along our own history, libraries, archives and circle of friends. We hope to become a place where one can discover and be one’s true self. As the place is rather large, we are looking for kindred people to share it with us and maybe help create, develop and run this small “heaven on earth”.  We can expand and have already applied for building permits to create more rooms and facilities.


for events, see agenda and also

·         Laura Egging weekends


We are also open to facilitating workshops by likeminded friends when the schedule permits this.


To help cover costs we charge 35 euro per day for food and lodging per person, apart from the fee for events, lectures, workshops etc..



We are looking for people to share the resources of this place, for a longer or shorter period, living with us and sharing the care for the place, but also being active in the outside world. A spiritual and self-critical attitude is necessary, but this place is a great retreat place, a place for artistic or creative work with all the facilities necessary for that plus the intention to be a home for all that come. The monthly contribution for food, shelter etc. will be in the 700-900 euro per month range, depending on the size of the private quarters and including normal household chores, but no work. The possibility to use MySTèr as a basis for services like massage, therapy, running an online business etc. is definitely there.



We also have a volunteer program for people that like to spend a shorter time with us and are willing to put in some actual work, in the garden, the video-dept, some renovation programs, creating community events etc. We are also in the Woofer program



This site is mostly English, aber wir sprechen auch Deutsch, Nederlands and some French and Spanish, the language for workshops depends on the audience and teachers.


Party & House rules

Enjoy, make new friends, have a good time


Stay outside the kitchen area and the store rooms

Fire-extinguishers, on top floor, first floor, in cellar near staircase and in garden near barbecue

Escape plans, Fire blankets and smoke detectors everywhere



No Marihuana or Hash (this is Germany, not Holland), no smoking in the house


Indoor Pool in summer around 24-25 degrees (in winter not), mini-sauna’s are hot

Toilets:  behind Wardrobe, near entrance door and also at the end of the swimming pool and on first floor and in cellar (special pump toilet!), also in the bathrooms

EHBO, at first floor, under the staircase

No loud music after 11 pm. upstairs, then the downstairs bar for whatever noise you want to make.

Musical instruments: Cellar Bar; piano in Diele, jembe in cellar bar

25 Yoga mats, matrasses, balanco's, blankets etc. available

Videocamera's, Audio/video/PA and video beamer available

Telephone, 0049-2153-1396047 or 0031654987876

Internet, we have fast ADSL and an internet desk


In Germany, aluminum cans and plastic bottles are recycled, don’t throw them away!

Luc’s mobile 0031-654987876



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on youtube see mindlift channel or agnesvlog

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