Identity: a force of manifestation 

Table of Contents v2.0

1 Introduction

2 Aiming at what

3 Definitions and demarcation, limiting the perspective

            the identity and self image

            AIM the adddional identity model

4 Historical views on identity

The dual nature of the term

            Isness and interaction

Identity and Plato’s Phaedrus

Identity as the root of morality, karma, rational and phenomenological ethics

5 Social Identity, family identity and paradign shift

            a development model, children

            ethnic identity

            the intuitive paradigm

6 Relational identity, identity interaction and context


7 The Western identity crisis

8 Resonance; how identity is non local

The ladder of identity

A hierarchy and yet at peer level resonance

9 Agency, innovation, transformation, causation

Change and transformation

The tetrad of change

10 Transformation, projection, causality

How do we grow, invent, innovate, change?

Peter Lamborn Wilson

11 Generational Identity

Strauss-how model


12 The Shamanic and ritual perspective

Identity and status

Confirming, transforming or liberating

Trance, Music, ecstacy

13 Sanctuary, safe space

Safety first

Sacred space, temporary autonomous zone

Holding space and circle integrity

14 Gender Identity

15 Totem or animal identity

The anthropological perspective

16 PTSD, the umbrella term

            the dynamics of PTSD

the veteran angle

            the family angle, we are all ptsd

            prevention, training, initiation, hazing

ritual perspective


17 Typology, can we know whoe we are,

            statistical methods Big Five


18 The Lucidity Method

Lucidity, a diagnostic blueprint of the psyche, identifying the assumed self-states


Design and personality

A different approach

Two or more personalities or modalities

The mask : nature or nurture

Lucidity and its limitations

Lucidity Postulates:

The basis of personality is the breath

Dowsing, divination, intuition

19 Multiple Identity software: the future of human-computer interface

Multi-ID or additional ID

Profiling is limiting and framing

The user is no constant

Identities, how many are we?

From Apps to a map of the Meta-App

The app in a metaphysical and cognitive perspective

The horizon

The more than rational

A new step in consciousness

20 Group Mind (from festivalization)

Identity, persona

The hunting group model

Group Mind, Groupthink

Social identification

Collective memory

The effect of Group Mind on personal and social transformation

Group mind dangers

20 Consciousness: the root of all

20 What is reality anyway

Levels of Consciousness

A different approach

Consciousness and information

My view, consciousness is the link

What is not conscious?

The Soul and Consciousness


Consciousness and soul

strial pas excellence.

The process

Kinds of self-consciousness

Self Identification and Self Awareness

Cognitive Dissonance

Quantum and Consciousness

Conscience and morality