Myster Summer Campus Project


The Myster Campus is an initiative to study and offer facilities for research and education concerning Conciousness, Identity,  Ecology and Magic. Some would call us a university, agora, but we don’t want to fit in with the traditional ‘scientificformat. We want to understand and share, in whatever way, the interactions, mechanisms and energies that really shape our World and lives much more than the dry and rational materialist knowledge.

Myster will and has been offering courses and events, and is actively looking for people with the talents and an inclination to help us achieve our ideals of connectivity between all.


The Myster Campus project in 2015 was: “cyberspace recon “(the book the students made in 2015 in 4 weeks is here)


Myster Campus August or September 2017: Identity Project

Summer coming up, planning a new Myster Campus project. In cooperation with prof. Stan Krippner we are looking for participants for a 4 week project concerning identity. The general focus is:
What are the relevant issues in the study and practice of identity transformation? This covers consciousness, self-images, PTSD, the substitue identity model, generational identity, ayahuasca and other psychedelics, meditation and other spiritual disciplines, psychotherapy, electrical stimulation of the brain, cults and mass political movements, war and trauma, paradigm shift, fanaticism and terrorism, religion and spirituality, and perhaps a few other actualities as well.

We are looking for some students (at least graduate level) or great out-of-the box thinkers, interested in joining, with the aim of producing (together) a book about the subject, maybe video too, in the 4 week timespane (has been done before). There are scholarships available. There will be overseas participants in a group of maybe 6 or 8. August till September 22, 2017 timeframe.


The subject: What are the most actual and relevant questions concerning Identity ?

contents of a possible co-authored book click here


People refer to the hard challenge in science as understanding the relationship between consciousness and matter. It is a subject neurologists, quantum physicists and philisophers are looking at, and there are many theories, approaches and experiments trying to come up with answers. The tangents vary from classic ESP experiments to neurological experiments to vague links to quantum-physics processes and the need fora  conscious observer in quantum experiments.

One angle to look at the issue of consciousness is to look at how it relates to identity, at the cell, personal,group , organizational , societal or other levels. Identity has an inner and an outer perspective, the isness of things and the relationship with the outer go hand in hand.

This is the subject of biological, evolutionary sciences but also of psychology, sociology, pedagogy and systems theory, but is rarely observed from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Yet identity is such a common angle, and so much related to change, progress, transformation and even causation, that it may serve as the coathanger for consciousness studies, but also yield relevant insight for healing, psychosocial trends and offer ‘hooksfor big data analysis of demograhic data.

The proposed Identity project is looking at what, looking at it very broadly, could be discerned as the common thread in the various perspectives, kind of redefiningidentity’ as a root category or dimension. Are identity problems at cell, organ, mind and society level resonating, could understanding identity clashes at one level yield insight or even agency to deal with identity at other levels. From cancer cells to terrorists, identity is at the root of what happens.

This approach is not limited to a materialistic point of view, it includes looking at the spiritual, at ethics, at the wisdom of our ancestors and remaining indigenous and esoteric societies, and this could include those using cyberspace, ritual of any kind and exploration of the various states of consciousness, could tell us about consciousness.  When we think of consciousness in the very general  perspective as related to  identity, things like learning, transformation, intitiation naturally come up. These are fashionable and relevant angles, of interest to a wide audience.

The project at hand is looking for a few motivated people to work together to establish such a multidisciplinary perspective, in a month long retreat, with eminent assistance and supervision.

We are inviting people in academia, but not limited to that as there are independent researchers and even entrepreneurs looking into this subject, to help us create and debate the helicopter-view we think is needed to advance this field.

The challenge we start with is not very complicated, we want at first just list like ten questions or issues that might be  relevant, to structure the project.Every question or issue can be accompanied by a very small pragraph explaining why this was chosen, but serves as the basis for a chapter in a book.

The offer:

We will organize a month long summer-campus event in a German center (near Dusseldorf), inviting 2 USA and 3 or 4 UK amd maybe some more NL participants, who will be reimbursed for reasonable airfare and travel costs plus room and board and local expenses, and who will cooperate with each other to discuss these questions with some clear and practical goals, being to produce video, multimedia and ‘paper’ results. There can be individual books, articles or presentations, but also communal ones.  It will be a team effort, but we are not aiming at a unified opinion, it is the debate that matters. Each will be credited for participation and, if the resulting material would turn out to be profitable, a share in the proceeds.

We assume English will be the common language, the place is a nice villa with library, facilities, indoor swimming pool, bikes, amidst nature reserves and close to larger cities, places like Amsterdam, Cologn, Bruxelles will be targets for weekend outings. There will be an opportunity to invite private guests, but the clear aim is to create insights, research directions, write papers, make video, in short produce tangible content.


Creating a tangible result for individual participants and the group, be it a book, a novel, a video documentary, articles or a manifesto, but doing so in a small group (max 6-8 people) that share inspiration, stimulate an help each other.

Open to: people with an interest in the subject of creative expression and a need to create and produce

Cost: donation based and/or scholarship, so don’t hesitate

Applicants : Email

PS concerning my work and interests gives you an idea, also at and Youtube, my latest book is at  but there is a lot of material, also look at for the place