Summer Party weekend zomer 2010, 28-29 augustus

not sunny after all, but a bit rainy, but all 50 plus present enjoyed the great spirit



Parties;  what makes it worthwhile, exciting and memorable

We have many parties at MySTèR and always had, regulars like Halloween, birthdays, Xmas, often any excuse will do to throw a party. The most recent one was the 29 of August (2010) weekend, for MySTèR is not so easily reached and parties tend to becvome weekend events. Some 60 people showed up, some 40 slept here and there around the house or in the tents outside, but it was hardly a garden event. There were some dry spots and even sunny moments, and we could light a fire and do a ritual, some  songs and have a good tribal moment, but for the rest it was rainy, a bit cold and definitely not an end of august kind of weather.

It was a great party after all, and that makes us wonder what makes a great party, what is the magical ingredient, what choice of people, place, music, food, pomp and circumstance (the ritual)  etc. makes it happen. There are a number of possibilities and for each of us there is probably a optimal combination of factors. However, at Myster we feel intention, friendship and a certain amount of surprise are essential.  A part is about connection, about reaching out and meeting new people, creating new bonds and connecting on a deeper level with old and new friends is what really makes a party. That's why we try to invite always new people in addition to our old and trusted party crowd, some new faces, some new energy and even if it looks like a bit odd or off, in retrospect the surprise and initial alienation that some of our guest expereince is in gact a great soul-opener.

Allowing the inner child to emerge, play and enjoy is  what MyStèR is all about, and parties are what bonds our little tribe of alternativos together, so let's have many happy returns of great parties!


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